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Reflections 360 Dance Off Booth

We suggest a hire of 2 - 3 hours, providing guests ample time to capture as many 360 booth clips as they desire.

Our 360 Booth uses a rotating arm around a platform capturing your best dance moves in a 360 degree view. Up to 6 people stand on the platform, whilst having a mini dance off the arm will spin around them multiple times to create a 15-25 seconds clip. 

Our expertise in programming means we can get the most out of our premium software, using your chosen songs with effects, animations, filters and personalised video border. Guests can send these clips directly to their phone from an iPad sharing station as they step off the platform.

We offer a live gallery so everyone can view, share and download any of these extended boomerangs!

We set everything up to your liking, with props, custom effects/transitions... We can take things further by adding a custom platform vinyl wrap... We want to make this unique for your event so lets discuss...

If you are interested in any extras such as confetti, money gun, printed hashtag signs etc... we can make this happen for you.

Our premium software and sharing platform makes sending & sharing these clips so easy and quick. 

A newly designed arm and without need for external lighting means that we take up less space in the venue, whilst our ultra ring light perfectly lights up guests making them look amazing during their spin!

The full setup runs from a high powered battery hidden inside the unit, so we have no restrictions with setup location. If you would prefer us during the day we can setup outside on a patio or garden without needs to run any cables!  

We can setup / de-rig everything in just 5 mins, so its perfect as a surprise for guests!

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