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Reflections Smart Booth

Our Smart Booth brings the fun straight to guests who are drawn to the screen by the bright halo of light that surrounds it. This digital photo booth delivers selfies, gifs, boomerangs and cool video effects. We personalise the booth by design & printing a vinyl wrap on the front that incorporates your event scheme. Guests can apply digital filters and virtual props to add to the fun! We supply premium props and include graphic design to incorporate your preferred style into our setup! Guests instantly share these photo creations to their phones. Every selfie is instantly uploaded to your own personal online website gallery.

We have 2 Smart Booth packages available, our digital package and our premium package.

Digital Package

Our digital package which is a longer duration hire that gives guests unlimited use which offers guest photos, gif's and boomerangs. Using our premium software guests can easily share these selfies directly to their phones via text or email. Guests also get instant access to your own private online gallery. Our recent advances in digital technology makes this a fantastic option.

Thanks to our smart programming, we're able to provide cutting-edge digital photography services, all while keeping the booth incredibly user-friendly. This eliminates the need for on-site staff, allowing us to offer extended hire periods at more affordable rates.

We work with you to select a setup time that suits your schedule, ensuring everything is ready before your guests arrive. We then collect the booth no sooner than 11pm, giving guests extra time with the booth. Regardless of your event's theme, colour scheme, or style, we provide custom graphic design for the photo border and print a fully bespoke vinyl wrap for the smart booth's front.

We include premium props to add to the fun. For weddings we often leave a prop box with the wedding coordinator, this encourages nice family shots during the day before the props come out in the evening.

For an additional £50, we will supply a printed copy of up to 200 photos taken from the event so you can add these to the guest book or make a memory book. This can even be added post event once you have seen your photos.

We offer free set-up and collection within 10 miles of our office in Sabden. For Venues further away we need to pass on a small travel fee.

Premium Package

Our premium package encompasses everything listed in the digital package: graphic design, custom setup, personalised vinyl wrap, digital sharing, online gallery, and premium props.

The key upgrade with the premium package is the inclusion of a dedicated staff member to encourage and assist guests, along with unlimited instant prints and a high quality guest book. This package is tailored for a 3-hour evening hire. We're fortunate to have an amazing team who ensure everyone gets involved in photos, GIF challenges, and lively boomerangs, filling your gallery with unforgettable moments.

We not only entertain guests but work to capture amazing event memories. With unlimited instant prints, each guest receives their own copy to take home as a memento of your special occasion. Additionally, for every photo session, we print an extra copy for the guest book, which we supply and manage throughout the evening, ensuring all photos are neatly positioned while encouraging guests to leave messages alongside their images.

For those who want our premium package yet still like the idea of daytime selfies there is an option to add our Digital Daytime hire. The price for this is dependant on your venues locations, anywhere within 10 miles of our office in Sabden is just £65, out of this area will incur a travel fee. The digital daytime hire allows guests to take unlimited selfies throughout the day, when we arrive in the evening we will print the best photos and start the guestbook with a gallery of the day so far.

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